Talkin’ Tukka Across the Cape

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A new Indigenous media project launching today will bring listeners all the latest information, thanks to a new partnership between Black Star Radio and Apunipima Cape York Health Council.

Talkin Tukka is the program. Inspired by Black Star’s regular Bush Tukka segments, the new program is about our healthy Indigenous foods and a whole lot more! It also focuses on other healthy foods available for Indigenous people to blend with their wild caught and harvested bush tukka: the best of our traditional and modern knowledge.

Talkin Tukka also features health experts, food and nutrition experts, including for women’s, men’s and children’s health. It will build and support the great movement for good health we see across the Cape, providing ideas, information and positive health messages for Indigenous families.
The partnership is a great fit for Apunipima and Black Star, who each blend traditional and cutting-edge knowledge in all they do.

Apunipima Cape York Health Council represents 17 communities in the Cape and into the Torres Strait. It provides culturally appropriate, community-controlled primary health care and advocacy services in 11 of those communities and plans to build a primary health care Centre in each community over the coming years. A dedicated personnel of health practitioners and indigenous health staff services are always on call or standby to handle any emergency.

Black Star Radio, operated by Queensland Remote Aboriginal Media (QRAM) also operates across Cape York – in 16 locations, along with a further eight communities in remote Queensland. Also owned and managed by community, our role is to provide essential and reliable radio services “as good as the services that people in our capital cities take for granted”. Black Star takes an innovative approach to remote Indigenous broadcasting, using the latest digital and online technologies combined with the might and reach of broadcasting, to support communication within and between communities.

Both organisations are central to life in the Cape and the program will be heard widely. It’s a “must take” category program across the Black Star network of stations, which means all Black Star communities in the Cape will get the show, with their local programming resuming at 10 am. QRAM/ Black Star Director Neville Reys and CEO of Apunipima Paul Stephenson, signed the 12-month contract today.

Neville Reys said “this is a wonderful new show for our listeners across the Cape. There’s no other health show that understands the healthy aspects of our lifestyle in the Cape, our fish and other wild food – and also the difficulties we have with getting access to other healthy food.”
Paul Stephenson for Apunipma said, “the partnership between Black Star Radio and Apunipima will see both organisations working closely with communities seeing lasting benefits in the areas of health nutrition and health improvement”.