Pormpuraaw is on the west coast of Cape York about 500km from the tip of Australia, just south of the Edward River. It is the home of the Thaayore, Wik, Bakanh and Yir Yoront People. Pormpuraaw is a beautiful community that is well known for its coastal location, magnificent sunsets and abundant fishing spots.

In the 2016 census, Pormpuraaw had a population of 749 people. Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people made up 83.8% of the population.

To find out more about Pormpuraaw’s history, people, facilities, events and more visit the Pormpuraaw Aboriginal Shire Council.

Pormpuraaw Primary Health Care Centre
Queensland Health
Street address: 8 Korka Street, Pormpuraaw QLD 4892
Business Phone: 07 4060 4800