Nutrition and TIS in Coen

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Katrine, Sue and Clara from the Nutrition and TIS teams have been
blown away by the healthy habits in Coen!
Community members are out running, walking and making great
food choices. This is what community members shared:
• ‘I stopped drinking soft drink and feel so much better’
• ‘We have been exercising together – going for walks and lifting
• ‘We have been watching our portions’
• ‘We stopped having so much junk food’
• ‘We use the Good Tucker app to help decide what to buy at the
Sue has delivered three sessions of My Health for Life with the
Women’s group and has enjoyed the interesting conversations,
great questions and shared solutions! Katrine and Clara have
had some great yarns about alcohol and sugary drinks with the
community health challenge group.
We can all be inspired by the healthy habits in Coen – GO COEN!

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