16 December 2021
Social Emotional Wellbeing (SEWB) Men’s Group Session

The SEWB Men’s Group leaders and facilitators from around the Cape have met in Cairns this week alongside other program managers to discuss the difficult year we have had and looking forward to 2021 and what it will take to provide better outcomes for community.

The three day workshop was conducted at Nintiringanyi Cultural Training Centre in Manunda last week.

Discussions were robust and fruitful as the brainstorming for critical success factors for goals and plans were fleshed out. What has been working (and what hasn’t) for particular SEWB groups in community was key to the discussions as statistics for engagement of services were closely scrutinised.

Planning sessions for 2021 with a health calendar for ATSI and Cape York communities with development of campaigns and resources to suit were held.

2020 was noted as a difficult year thanks to COVID holding back meetings and gatherings due to restrictions. But not all is lost as the group discussed the learnings on how to cope with such situations.

There is no doubt that the SEWB Men’s Group will hit the ground running in the New Year as a result of the workshop.