The Apunipima Model of Care is grounded in the Apunipima Way and built on five core principles. The Model of Care identifies a process of service delivery that facilitates wellness and maintenance of good health.

The 5 Core Principles

Driven by community and Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander leadership.

Embedding social, emotional, cultural, environmental and spiritual wellbeing.

Addressing social and cultural determinants of health.

Providing comprehensive primary health care including population health approaches.

Through a community and family centred approach.

These principles and the interaction with the community is illustrated in the diagram, a conceptual diagram of the Apunipima Model of Care. The guiding principles for the Apunipima Model of Care are in the hands of an informed Cape York community. The hands holding the oyster shell represent the organisation being community driven and informed by local health plans on the one hand and being accountable to the community on the other. At the core of service delivery is the principle of a community and family approach, which is supported by a system of care that specifically addresses the community needs in a way that will achieve our vision and mission.

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