Laura Quinkan Dance Festival 2021

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The Laura Quinkan Dance Festival was held during the first weekend of July, and Apunipima had a big presence and were also an event sponsor.
COVID created some challenges, however the event went ahead with a visitor cap of 3 000 people. This number is well below the usual crowd of more than 10 000. It didn’t dampen the mood of the event as the crowd was still vibrant and wholeheartedly engaged with the dance groups on display.
Some communities couldn’t make the journey due to the logistics and uncertainty of COVID creating some chaos, with ten communities being represented it still made for a great competition and performances.
Spectacular costumes, dynamic music, meaningful stories and extraordinary dance sequences made for an amazing three days of culturally rich dance and art.
Whilst the days were filled with dancers kicking up the dust, Friday and Saturday night the crowd were entertained by Yothu Yindi and Zennith, yet another highlight in a weekend filled with memorable moments.
Congratulations to the Kwadi Wimpa Lockhart River Aboriginal Shire Dancers for taking out 1st place – well deserved as they were up against some stiff competition.
Apunipima had a stall near the dance area with Health Promotion and services. Fun activities for the kids included hand hygiene, healthy eating, RHD and sugary drinks. There were also blood pressure and sugar tests for those interested in these important health markers.
A big thank you to the staff who worked tirelessly through the festival from start to finish. It was a privilege for all to be involved.

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