Health and Hockey in Kowanyama

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Aspire to be Deadly (Cairns Hockey’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander program), Apunipima Cape York Health Council and Kowanyama State School will deliver a joint six week healthy lifestyles program targeted at young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 10 – 15 years.

The program will involve Apunipima – lead health education sessions and hockey focused physical activities run by female Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander hockey players and will focus on good behaviour, leadership and role modelling, healthy choices, new sports skills, healthy choices, taking care of your body, recovery after training, drinking more water and getting plenty of rest.

While in Kowanyama, the trainers will looking out for students who show real hockey talent.

Thanks to Aspire to be Deadly and Kowanyama State School, these children will have the chance to travel to Kurumba in September and meet, and compete against, other students who have taken part in the Aspire to be Deadly program.

Aspire to be Deadly Program Manager Wes Ferns said Cairns Hockey was thrilled to be partnering with Apunipima.

‘We think this is an important partnership. Combining health lifestyle information with an exciting and high skilled activity like hockey will help make a difference to the long-term health outcomes for these children.’

Apunipima Health Promotion Officer Fiona Millard said female leadership was an exciting element of the program.

‘Aspire to be Deadly are sending their Development Officer Jessica Fatnowna and other Aboriginal and Torres Strait female hockey players to Kowanyama to teach the kids about staying well, leadership, making healthy choices and, of course, how to play hockey.’

‘It’s really exciting that the boys and girls will get to meet women who are successful in their chosen sport and are using their sporting achievements to forge a career. It’s vital that kids get to see women in leadership positions. Apunipima is genuinely excited about sharing hockey with the kids of Kowanyama and promoting all good things that come from having a healthy, active lifestyle and playing a team sport.’

The program started in early August.

Apunipima would like to thank Kowanyama State School for hosting the program and Cairns Hockey for donating equipment. Aspire to be Deadly is a collaborative partner of the Hockey Queensland Remote and Indigenous Hockey Program.