Apunipima means “United – all in one” (Injinoo Ikya language)

Apunipima Cape York Health Council has grown from an advocacy organisation to an internationally recognised leader in Indigenous health. This evolution is a result of the vision and tenacity, of our community elected board members and the dedicated workforce that deliver on their desired outcomes.

Apunipima Cape York Health Council emerged from a health conference held at Pajinka Wilderness Lodge, near Injinoo (at the tip of Cape York) in September 1994. The conference was attended by representatives of 17 Cape York communities and associated homelands concerned about the poor health status of Cape York Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

The result of the conference established Apunipima and gave the organisation a mandate to carry the health related issues to both the Cape York Land Council and the then Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Council.

In 2006 Apunipima transitioned from an advocacy organisation to providing primary health services for some of the most remote indigenous communities in Australia and the largest geographical area of any Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation in Queensland.  Apunipima is recognised internationally, with one of the largest workforces in Cape York communities.

Pajinka Wilderness Lodge, September 1994