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Apunipima has been providing the Baby One Program in Cape York communities for six years. The aim of the program is to give baby the best start to life. This is by supporting families to achieve the best health outcomes for women and their children during and after pregnancy up to 1,000 days of life.
The program is designed as a health worker led, health team approach to support women and families through health worker, midwife and child health nurse partnerships.

To ensure the program is meeting the needs of women and their families, Apunipima has received funding from the North Queensland Primary Health Network (NQPHN) to conduct an evaluation. Evaluations are an important way to identify the positive things that are happening and areas which may need some attention.

The evaluation has two parts.
1. The quantitative component (collecting and examining numerical (numbers) information) will be looking at data (information) from Best Practice and using tools from the World Health Organization to measure levels of health.
2. The qualitative component will focus on listening to the voices of women and families, health workers, other health professionals and community members about their experiences with the program.
The evaluation runs from 2020 – 2022. Dr Sandy Campbell, an Aboriginal researcher who has previously worked with Apunipima will be conducting the interviews with staff and community members. Some of the research will take place in the Cairns office and some in communities.
After all the data has been gathered the information will be examined on how the program is meeting its aim and recommendations made in regards to future directions for the program.
The research team appreciates all input from staff and community members in the evaluation of the Baby One Program.

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