Aurukun Taking Steps in the Right Direction

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Being physically active and limiting sedentary behaviour is essential for maintaining good health and avoiding chronic disease. The goal of accumulating 10,000 steps per day is a globally recognised strategy to improve physical activity levels. This should be considered in conjunction with the Australian Government and the National Heart Foundation guidelines for physical activity.

Apunipima along with Aurukun Shire Council implemented a multi-strategy approach to support and encourage walking in Aurukun. The underlying concept was to influence positive change by enhancing environments that support physical activity and increase awareness of the benefits of regular activity.

Walkway signage was installed in May to highlight popular walking routes and to encourage the use of some longer walking routes. Signs identify the length of a walking route, and signs at various intervals identify directions and distances in metres and steps. The aim is to encourage and support people of all ages to engage in physical activity for health, leisure and active transport.

The walkway signage is a bright addition to community and has been well received. This project has also been implemented in Wujal Wujal.