Apunipima on Wujal Wujal Radio

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“I have had the privilege to be able to speak on Wujal Wujal Radio FM107.7. Russell Bowen has been working as the local DJ for a few years now and encourages people from different backgrounds to speak on his radio show about what they do in the community.

I speak each week in a segment usually on domestic violence, or whatever awareness is in store for the coming week such as Mental Health Week or RUOK Day. The cheerful chat is a good way to communicate to the listener what’s going on, what’s coming up and who they can see if they need assistance that Apunipima can provide or refer to.

So far we have spoken about grief and trauma, what it involves and what you can do about it. We shared some information about core beliefs, triggers and attitudes and pinpointing what is going on for men when in the moment of violent behaviour. We challenge norms such as male privilege, or labeling all emotions as anger when in fact they are also going through fear, hurt and powerlessness. Overcoming entrenched beliefs and assumptions about masculinity and making a shift towards victim empathy and cooperative decision making.” Nicholas Kautai, Apunipima Men’s Worker.

Make sure you tune in next week to hear Nick live on air!