about us

“Our Health in Our Hands”


Community Controlled Primary Health Care in Cape York.




Wellness improvement through the Apunipima Way.


The “Apunipima Way” is a philosophy of service planning and delivery for the people by the people.  It underpins the way Apunipima approaches and carries out its business. The Apunipima Way is informed by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander:

  • Traditions, culture, values, beliefs and practices
  • Kinship connections to each other, the land and the environment
  • Unique knowledges that contribute to healing, good health and wellness.

The Apunipima Way embodies the organisations’ dual goals of strengthening community capacity and providing safe, quality primary health services.

This is achieved by enabling local ownership and informed decision making that strengthens Cape York’s people’s right to self-determination and guides how Apunipima provides them with culturally competent comprehensive primary health care.

Values that drive the Apunipima Way are:

  • a holistic approach to maintaining health and providing care
  • family centred
  • accountability
  • integrity
  • respect