2019 Annual Staff Awards

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Yesterday we held our 2019 Staff Awards Apunipima. Awards are given to staff for excellent performance and those who live Apunipima’s vision and values.

Congratulations to all nominated and awarded, including our Long Service Awards for 2019.

Chairperson’s Award – Sonia Schuh

Congratulations Sonia Schuh on your acknowledgement of outstanding contribution to the organization, as recognised by our Chairperson Aileen Addo.

Sonia’s role as Primary Health Care Manager (as well as Deputy Mayor) for Napranum, provides many challenges for both herself and her team. With thanks to Sonia’s determination and passion to provide the best services for the Napranum community, this is seen as a well deserved accolade!

CEO’s Award – Dallas McKeown

Congratulations Dallas McKeown for being recognised for impressive contribution with her role as Program Advisor with the organisations Health Promotion Strategies.

In Dallas’ short time with Apunipima, her commitment and work ethic as a true leader has been widely praised – so much so, that our CEO Paul Stephenson can’t help but be thankful for Dallas’ experience in providing the best outcomes for health promotion.

Living the Vision Award – Sarah Coombes

Congratulations to Sarah Coombes for being acknowledged by your colleagues for this award. We know it takes a ‘special someone’ to have the foresight that you provide, and in being on the front foot on behalf of Apunipima and its ‘model of care’.

Sarah spreads her expertise across numerous Communities in Hearing Health and provides a deep understanding to holistic care and how that works within Community.

“Sarah frequently seeks new information/education to better her practice and actively shares her clinical, cultural and community knowledge generously with those around her”.

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Team Player Award – Dalton Agie

Congratulations Dalton Agie for being recognised by your peers for the ‘Team Player’ Award. With Dalton’s role as a Health Worker based in Aurukun, it appears that he does more than what his position description suggests, as he voluntarily takes on any task he see’s needs attention, whilst encouraging those around him with his attitude and infectious smile.

“Throughout all of his work he consistently has such a beautiful attitude and always seems to truly enjoy his work. If every community could have a Dalton the world would be a better place!”

Unsung Hero Award – John King

Congratulations John King for being acknowledged by your colleagues for the 2019 ‘Unsung Hero Award’. In John’s role as Acting ITC Support Officer, he is set upon for numerous tasks by all departments and takes on board all requests with a firm smile.

Painting walls, cleaning footpaths, driving the bus, calling clients… this is just the tip of the iceberg. John is a quiet achiever, yet leads by example and is highly respected by his colleagues for his attitude and expertise.

Innovation and Quality Award – Dwayne Savo

Congratulations to Dwayne Savo for being recognised by your peers for the 2019 ‘Innovation and Quality Award’. Working across most of our communities would come across as a hard task, but not for Dwayne who thrives on it! Hiss role can also be viewed as a hard task, as our Addictions and Recovery Advisor, Dwayne takes it all in his stride as he delivers the program with both new and innovative ways.

“He genuinely loves the program he delivers and cares deeply for the community people he delivers to. Dwayne’s reliability at work is unsurpassed as he is innovative and driven. With his greatest passion being assisting people to heal from trauma and return to culture and country.”

Dignity in Service Award – Keithean Bowen

Congratulations Keithean Bowen for being acknowledged by your colleagues for the 2019 “Dignity in Service Award’. Based in Hope Vale, Keithean provides all the right attributes for his role as a Male Youth Worker. Showing true leadership qualities as an individual providing passionate, hardworking and inspiring service for his fellow Community members.

“I’ve been really impressed with the energy and passion Keithean has for his people of Hope Vale. The proactive approach he has with everyone inside the community from kids to adults is leading the community health needs into the right direction.” 

Rookies of the Year – Crystal Murray and Matthew Gibson

This year, The Rookie of the Year Award is the only category that has two deserving winners.

Firstly, congratulations to Crystal Murray. As a Maternal and Child Health Worker based in Napranum, Crystal has been instrumental in establishing important links within the community that reflects the Apunipima Way.

“Crystal has been an amazing support to the Napranum Maternal Child Health team. She is supportive, has initiative, pre-planning and has a heart for the Women and Children of Napranum”.

Congratulations to Matthew Gibson for your acknowledgement from fellow colleagues. Based in Mossman Gorge as part of the SEWB Team, Matthew has proven that he has the community needs at the forefront of his tireless work.

“Matthew initiated two projects this year being the community music program and men’s touch footy comp. His personality and commitment has seen in excess of 45 men and young males attend the touch footy comp with up 16 attendees at the community music program. Matthew uses these opportunities to engage with men and community around meaningful discussions to address men’s issues and refer to the counselling support staff regularly. The programs are run out of normal office hours however Matthew recognizes that such activities, implemented in community within those times, are kept to maximise engagement.”

Long Service Awards

We recognise the dedication and service of our staff who have served Apunipima and the Communities of Cape York. These people are instrumental in the success and growth of the organisation. On behalf of the entire Apunipima family we thank you for your passion and commitment to the Cape York people.

5 Years

Melinda Hammond
Diana Jans
Elaine Corrie
Jana Booy
Faya Humphries
Helen Pedgrift
Debe Bader
Rosalyn Agostino
Rachel Bruce
Georgia Gibson

10 Years

Bernard David
Elaine McGreen
Louise Pratt

20 Years

Robbie Corrie Senior