Tackling Indigenous Smoking Resources


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Campaign Real Life Stories

Get inspired by these real life stories - straight from the Cape to you!

Hope Vale: Dora | Victor | Lex | Desmond | Rowan

Wujal Wujal: Conrad | Davina

Coen: Amos | Terry

Pormpuraaw: Freddy | Meredith and Wendy | Selena

Napranum: Ernest | Jennifer | Jerry | Thala 

Community Youth Engagement

Check out the stories of Wujal WujalCoen, Napranum, Hope Vale and Pormpuraaw.

Australian All Stars Basketball Team

Hear what some of the Australian All Stars Basketball team have to say...

Aaron Bin Tahal  Short video (24 seconds) Long video (2 minutes) | Joel Khalu | The team

Educational Videos

Harms of passive smoking

Harms of smoking during pregnancy


Campaign Posters

Coen: Amos | Terry

Pormpuraaw: FreddyMeredith and Wendy | Selena

Napranum: Ernest Jennifer | Jerry | Thala 

Community Posters

Lockhart River: Alan | Gareth

Mossman Gorge: Kim | Loretta

Pormpuraaw: Frances | Frances 2 | Jamie | Llewelyn | Lynneisha | Natasha | Nikesha | Sharna | Tammy | Tammy 2

School Posters

Mapoon School: Education | Healthier Place | Sports is Fun | Sports It's Our Story

Mount Saint Bernard College: Year 7: Be Happy | Ditch The Smokes | Ditch The Smokes V2 | It's Not Cool To Smoke in School | It's Not Uncool To Like School | We Are Smoke Free

Educational Posters

No Smoking Places - Second-Hand and Third-Hand Smoke

The Cost of Smoking - Version One

The Cost of Smoking - Version Two

Tobacco Laws and Smoking Signage


We have a range of fact sheets and videos for you to use.


Nicotine Gum | Nicotine Lozenges | Nicotine Mouth Spray | Nicotine Patch | NRT During Pregnancy 


Nicotine Gum | Nicotine Lozenges | Nicotine Mouth Spray | Nictone Patch | NRT During Pregnancy