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All-Stars Basketball Clash is a Win for Indigenous Health

The Apunipima Australian Indigenous All-Stars scored a win for Indigenous Health during the recent Trans-Tasman Clash. Both the men’s and women’s all-star teams spent their time off the court promoting Apunipima’s healthy lifestyle campaigns, “Don’t Make Smokes Your Story” and “Sugary drinks proper no good.”

‘The players have completely embraced their role as health ambassadors for Apunipima Cape York Health Council.” Said Alicia Bobbermien, Apunipima’s Communication Manager.

“They’re athletes first and know that their lifestyle has a direct effect on how well they perform on the court, which makes them outstanding role models for our social marketing campaigns.’ Ms Bobbermien added.

During training and in their down time off the court, both the men’s and women’s teams played a big part in the production of health promotion videos to support Apunipima’s healthy lifestyle campaigns, Don’t Make Smokes Your Story” and “Sugary drinks proper no good.”
In the days leading up to the Trans-Tasman clash, the players spent time visiting local schools, PCYC’s and after school care groups to shoot some hoops for health with local kids, continuing to share the good health messages.

‘It is an honour for us to be part of the Apunipima Indigenous All Stars, and it’s always a privilege to share our experiences with the kids. You never know who you will inspire.” Said coach of the Apunipima Australian Indigenous All-Stars men’s team Joel Kahlu. All Stars Shang ParkWZ‘When we share healthy lifestyle messages it shows the kids that being a good sportsperson starts with healthy choices, like not smoking and avoiding sugary drinks.” Mr Kahlu added.

Apunipima Chief Executive Officer Paul Stephenson said, “both the female and male teams are outstanding role-models and we’re pleased to have such positive ambassadors in the community helping to promote our Apunipima healthy lifestyle campaigns.”

The Trans-Tasman Clash, now over for 2017 with the men’s team keeping the trophy for the third year running.

The Inaugural women’s trophy was won by the New Zealand Maori team.

The 5th Annual Trans-Tasman Clash will be held in New Zealand in 2018 at a date yet to be decided.

2017 Men’s Trans-Tasman Basketball Clash - Cairns Basketball

Game 1: Apunipima Australian Indigenous 102 defeated New Zealand Maori 94
Game 2: Apunipima Australian Indigenous 86 defeated New Zealand Maori 78
Game 3: New Zealand Maori 94 defeated Apunipima Australian Indigenous 81

2017 Women’s Trans-Tasman Basketball Clash

Game 1: New Zealand Maori defeated Apunipima Australian Indigenous All Stars 63
Game 2: New Zealand Maori 68 defeated Apunipima Australian Indigenous All Stars 60
Game 3: New Zealand Maori 85 defeated Apunipima Australian Indigenous All Stars 55

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