White Ribbon Day

IMG 8091Apunipima held a number of events to mark White Ribbon Day. The events were held across Cairns and the Cape.

At each event Apunipima staff made The White Ribbon Pledge to ‘stand up, speak out and act to prevent violence against women.’

‘These events were led by our men and supported by our women.’ Said organiser Neil Kaigey, from Apunipima’s Health Promotion Team.

Friday 24th November is White Ribbon Day, a small part of a much larger White Ribbon social change movement that operates all year.

The day focuses the attention of the community on the issue of the prevention of men’s violence against women and gender equality by asking the community to become aware, engaged and help prevent violence towards women. If you weren’t able to attend a White Ribbon Day event, you can  take the pledge here.

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