Outreach trips a success in Coen

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Recently the Coen Wellbeing Centre team took part in outreach trips to make sure those target groups were getting the much needed services. 

Tackling Indigenous Smoking Worker (TIS), Clara Saleh, Youth Worker, Terrence Creek and Social & Emotional Wellbeing Counsellor, Joseph Oui travelled out to Port Stewart to meet the Lama Lama Rangers Homeland to offer and provide the Tackling Indigenous Smoking and Youth Work support services.

After introducing the team and meeting with relevant clients they were invited to speak about the importance of healing and connection through therapeutic interventions and how country and counselling work hand in hand.

They later were invited to visit various Lama Lama sites by the Rangers, who were more than happy to share their stories and culture.

Joseph Oui spoke of the gratitude he felt of the opportunity

“It’s always a privilege to be part of their country, so thankful we had the oppertunity”

The Coen Well Being team will continue to service and connect with the different homelands surrounding the Coen area to provide relevant services that is much needed.

Well done team. 

Last modified onFriday, 08 December 2017 06:46