Privacy, dignity and respect

You are entitled to receive care in a way that is respectful to your culture, beliefs, values, age and gender. If you feel you are not being treated with dignity and respect tell us immediately and we will try to put things right.

Respect also includes being mindful of our staff and other patients. Respecting your right to privacy means that we make sure that all of your health information is kept confidential and secure at all times.

Your health information is stored on a medical record and we keep this confidential by storing it securely.
In some situations your health information will need to be shared between health care providers but only authorised people are able to see it. This might be your nurse, doctor, health worker or a specialist at the hospital. We will ask for your consent to share this information.

You are able to see your records at any time and if anything is wrong you can ask for it to be corrected.
We encourage you to take part in decisions about your care so please ask questions if you are not sure about what is happening to you. Involve your family or a carer if this makes you more comfortable and sure.