Health Action Team

Kowanyama’s Health Action Team is chaired by Apunipima Chair Thomas Hudson and has eight active members. The Health Action Team are happy to talk to community members about their work and meet the last Wednesday of every month or when urgent issues need to be resolved. 

Kowanyama Health Action Team, in conjunction with Apunipima, has prepared a Community Health Plan. The Plan looks at morbidity and mortality rates (why people are dying), common community illnesses and the causes of hospitalisation.

The Kowanyama Health action team bases its annual priorities on the information contained with the Health Plan.

If you are a resident of Kowanyama and you have matters you wish to raise with the Health Action Team please contact the members directly or ring Robbie Corrie from Apunipima’s Health Reform Team on 07 4037 7221. 

Please contact Apunipima’s Senior Medical Officer on 07 4037 7124 for a copy of the Kowanyama Community Health Plan

Kowanyama team


Apunipima Director Priscilla Major and Health Promotion Officer Fiona Millard with a Kowanyama Health Action Team t-shirt