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Tackling Indigenous Smoking  

Apunipima received a Tackling Indigenous Smoking Regional Grant as part of the National Tackling Indigenous Smoking program.

Nationally, the goal of the program is to improve the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people through local efforts to reduce harm from tobacco.

The Apunipima Tackling Indigenous Smoking (TIS) Team will work closely with Cape York communities to deliver locally appropriate programs and activities that aim to:

  • Engage community members in tobacco cessation activities
  • Improve access to culturally appropriate quit support
  • Encourage and support smokers to quit
  • Encourage and support non-smokers to avoid uptake
  • Raise awareness in communities about the health impacts of smoking and passive smoking
  • Support communities to establish smoke-free homes, workplaces and public spaces

Cape York Tackling Indigenous Smoking Services

A TIS team member is available in your community and can work with you and your community to provide these services.

TIS Resources

Check out our great range of resources here.

Culturally Appropriate Quit Support

If you are a young person, pregnant woman or have a chronic disease and want support or advice to quit smoking then talk to a TIS worker in your community. They will talk with you about the effects that smoking has on your body and discuss ways to help you to quit. They can talk with you by yourself or with your partner, friend or family – it’s up to you.

Community Activities

TIS team members encourage all community members to actively participate in program initiatives and activities that provide smoking prevention and cessation information and services.

TIS team members will also work with community members to develop and implement school-based activities to prevent the uptake of smoking and create social inclusion and increase self- esteem among young people.

Smoking cessation materials and resources can be offered to community members, please contact the TIS team member in your community for further information.

Don’t Make Smokes Your Story’ Campaign

The TIS Team will work with your community to support the local development and implementation of a ‘Don't Make Smokes Your Story’ campaign.

‘Don’t Make Smokes Your Story’ is a national advertising campaign on YouTube and free-to-air television that tells the real, difficult stories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who have smoked tobacco. The campaign was initiated by the Australian Government as part of their plan to close the gap in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander smoking rates.

The Cape York specific Tackling Indigenous Smoking social marketing campaign is known as “What’s Your Story, Cape York?” which aligns with the national “Don’t Make Smokes Your Story” campaign. The TIS team encourages all community members to get involved in their local campaign.

Contact the TIS team member in your community to develop local messages and artworks for posters and videos for the local “What’s Your Story, Cape York?” campaign Facebook page.

Smoke Free Environments

Apunipima recognises the harmful effects of tobacco smoke on the health and wellbeing of community members, children, visitors and local staff.

Second hand smoke contains thousands of chemicals that are toxic and cancer causing. Exposure to passive smoking can trigger asthma attacks, heart disease, lung cancer and other respiratory diseases in both children and adults.

There is so safe level of exposure to second- hand tobacco smoke. Only 100% smoke- environments provide effective protection to second- hand smoke.

The TIS Team will work with community members to promote and support local strategies to create smoke-free spaces (e.g. public areas, smoke-free events) within your community.

The TIS Team will also work in collaboration with relevant agencies and organisations in your community to promote and assist in the implementation and compliance of smoke-free workplace policies.


 Tackling Indigenous Smoking Team

  TIS photo

 Back row (L to R): Neil Kaigey (FIFO: all communities), Jessie Dau (Mossman Gorge), Josh Mene (FIFO: all communities), Clara Saleh (Coen & Pormpuraaw), Charmaine Lawrence (Kowanyama), Rita Francs (Cairns)

Middle row (L to R): Steven Brumby (Aurukun), Kawia Sunai (Mapoon), Fiona Gibson (Hopevale, Wujal Wujal & Laura)

Front row (L to R): Ernest Madua (Napranum), Nina Nichols (Cairns), Jana Booy (Cairns), Kurtis Gibson (Hopevale, Wujal Wujal & Laura)