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Social Work

Social Work1

Apunipima's Social Worker provides a comprehensive range of services to men, women and children. The Social Worker is a member of Apunipima's Maternal and Child Health team and works across all 11 communities. To arrange an appointment please request a referral from your Health Worker, Nurse, Midwife or Doctor.

Counselling / yarning  

The Social Worker can have a chat about any concerns or worries you may have going on and what you think about having those worries. Also if there are any things in your lifestyle that you like to think about changing.

Support with doctors / specialists 

The Social Worker can support you with any meetings you have with the doctor or specialist and talk with you to develop a concrete understanding of yours, your children’s or your baby’s health situation.

Children’s development

Along with the Aboriginal Health Worker, Midwife, Child Health Nurse, Audiologist, Speech Pathologist and Paediatrician,Social Workers can provide a deeper understanding on how your child develops physically, emotionally and cognitively. This support can be delivered to groups, individuals or parents and families.


The Social Worker can work with you on some counselling or if preferred, the Social Worker is able to write a referral for more in-depth or psychological counselling if your bereavement requires it.Bereavement is quite a broad term that usually refers to someone who has lost a loved one to death. SW can work with you if you are experiencing the sadness from living without your loved one.

Food security

The Social Worker can work with you on a variety of strategies and techniques for ways to develop a clear understanding of the importance of providing and maintaining good, fresh and health foods in your home for all your family. This could look at ensuring that you have a set weekly menu so that you budget is manageable, or looking at a saving regime where the only purpose if for the weekly shopping and is contributed by the entire family.

Filling out forms

Most forms are for a certain organisation and as some forms can be quite lengthy, the Social Worker will be able to support you with transport to the organisation and will be able to support you with summarising the importance and specific information.

The Social Worker can also support you in the following areas:

Health / education groups     

Women’s groups       

Domestic violence support

Overcrowding at home          

Gambling / financial budgeting        

Advice on men’s issues

Ganja, alcohol and smoking